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➡️ Control your edge flow by learning powerful re-routing patterns.

➡️ Get less pinching and imperfections on your mesh by learning how to work with curved surfaces.  

➡️ Create perfect complex hard surface shapes with ease learning how to use deformers and radial symmetry. 

➡️ Learn many of the 3d modeling secrets that took me years to discover. 


The edgeflow pattern examples in this guide helped me when creating transitions from areas with a light poly count to more dense areas. The worfklows for avoiding pinching on curved surfaces outlined here are truly a lifesaver.

Thank you, JL!


Multimedia Designer

Using JL’s hard surface guide helped me level up my modeling. It’s perfect for anyone learning poly modeling or looking to improve their existing skills. Being easy to follow, informative and comprehensive, I found myself referencing the guide for help with edge loop, topology techniques, and general best practices.
JL has focused on the challenges most beginner artists face with 3d modeling when creating this invaluable guide.

Hard Surface Artist

“When it comes to 3D modeling, there can be a steep learning curve”

The Hard Surface Modeling Cheat Sheets was meant to be a free resource to help 3d artists with 3d modeling tips, strategies, and workflows that took me years to develop. The principles in this guide will apply to most 3d packages..

Happy 3D Modeling,

JL Mussi